MARINE SUPPORT SAS provides reliable, 24 hours per day crew boat services in support of vessels at anchor and offshore and other tasks required by our wide range of clients. Our vessel captains and crew are highly experienced operators, and the boats are maintained to the highest standards ensuring our clients receive the most dependable, safe, and economical service available.

Some of our capabilities are as follows:

  • Personnel transfers to vessels at berth and at anchorage
  • Delivery of stores and equipment (max. 1.5 T) to vessels at anchorage
  • Personnel transfers to offshore and harbor construction job sites
  • Transfer of government officials (i.e. Customs, USCG, Immigration)

Coordination of client’s scheduling needs is handled by our dispatch office. Our dispatch office is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and ready to respond to any call-out service.  Whether it is for routine scheduling or an emergency response request, our capable crews and operated vessels will deliver dependable and swift service.